In this video, Aur shares how to read people using a unique astrological profiling system based on the natural elements, called Taksa. In this week’s video, you find out what every number in a Taksa grid means, and their representative elements. She explains that within the numerology portion of the Taksa grid is connected as

How to Read People: The basics

Our First Short Class. Aur introduces her unique astrology style that allows you to know anyone’s personality! Let us know if you liked the video and if you would like to know more. Come and say hi on facebook. Or read some of our articles

  Aur shares a little about her past and her greatest influencers growing up. She is now one of the most sought after authentic Feng Shui consultants, private spiritual life consultants and mentor for Asia’s Elite class. Including heads of state, business magnates and Royal families. She’s also known for her previous TV show in

THE BEST GLASSES for your face shape

Have you ever stood in front of a shop mirror, and been confused as to how to pick the best glasses for your face shape? Some will somehow look great, whereas others make you look washed out. And how do you know what others will feel when they see you? Aur gave use the three

Guardian angels are spirits that help you in your daily life. Various religions and philosophies describe angels in different ways. Many times when thinking of a guardian angel, the picture of a winged gorgeous model in a flowing garment may come to mind. But does this representation make sense? If a spirit is not bound by the

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Feng Shui’s Broken History

Let’s take a moment to first discuss the jade elephant in the room. You’ve probably heard of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui. These days it’s almost commonplace in any discussions of interior decoration and home design. It’s not even hard to find an expert who can offer in-home consultations. These visits usually include the use of

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3 Top Feng Shui Office Tips

“3 Top Feng Shui Office Tips” is an excerpt taken directly from the pages of our current book in progress, titled “Your Home Reveals Everything.” Please comment or message us on Facebook to share your thoughts. Every space is different according to Mesopotamian Feng Shui taught by Master Aur. But even so, there are some great